Bollinger - Most Admired Champagne Brand 2017

Bollinger - Most Admired Champagne Brand 2017

Ajakiri Drinks International koostas neljandat aastat järjest 'Most Admired Champagne Brands' edetabeli ning 2017. aastal on Bollinger järjekordselt esikohal, nagu ka 2014 ja 2015. aastal. 

"As a demonstration of consistent excellence over nearly two centuries this [launching La Reserve & Galerie 1829] was a feat that few, if any, other houses could match, underlying our voting Academy's support for the Bollinger brand." 

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Tundub, et ka George Clooney luges seda uudist ning tellis kohe Pariisi restoranis Lapérouse Bollinger La Grande Année.

Aprillis jõuab Eestisse ka Bollingeri värskeim väljalase - La Grande Année 2007. 

"Here we have a classic and perfectly balanced Bollinger with deep layers and beautiful crisp apple acidity. Gorgeous balance between the dark and light as a perfect Yin and Yan marriage. Layers of dry cocoa, hazelnut fudge, dried apricots and juicy red apples dominates over a beautiful hint of forest aromas based on sous bois and mushrooms in the background. One of the three best champagnes from this vintage." - Richard Juhlin 95 punkti

La Grande Année 2007 esmaesitlus toimub 27. aprillil eksklusiivsel Bollingeri õhtusöögil restoranis Ruhe. Täpsem info selle kohta varsti.