Riesling, Alsace AC 75cl

Riesling, Alsace AC 75cl

Nimi: Riesling, Alsace AC 75cl

Riik/regioon: Prantsusmaa, Alsace

Tootja: Domaine Marcel Deiss

Aastakäik: 2013

Mari: 100% Riesling

Alkoholisisaldus: 12,5% vol.

Tootekood: 442


A deep yellow robe presents the deep minerality behind this great dry white wine combined with zests of citrus notes. The attack is full yet built on a counterpoint between a minerality displaying freshness, finesse and long acidity whilst surprisingly compact. The perfectly dry final, calls for food, the chlorophyll, the bitter and the salt. The food associations are very varied, easy and full of happiness, even if the wine imposes itself due to its highly mineral stature. Ready to drink and can be kept 9 - 10 years.