Pittacum Aurea, Bierzo DO, Bodegas Pittacum 75cl

Pittacum Aurea, Bierzo DO, Bodegas Pittacum 75cl

Nimi: Pittacum Aurea, Bierzo DO, Bodegas Pittacum 75cl

Riik/regioon: Hispaania, Castilla y León, Bierzo

Tootja: Bodegas Pittacum

Aastakäik: 2010

Mari: 100% Mencia

Alkoholisisaldus: 14,5% vol.

Tootekood: 1459


Aurea is a 100% Mencia gorwn in the Finca Areixola, more than 100 year old vineyard which is planted in a high density pattern with gobelet shaped vines as dictated by tradition. This vineyard only admits manual care, its soil, unblemished and uncompacted by heavy machinery only knows the footprints of the wine growers.

The grapes arrive at the winery in small 12 kilo boxes. Bunch by bunch they are selected at the sorting table and crushed without destemming. Winemaking takes place in stainless steel tanks with light cap plunging and must siphoning during fermentation, that lasted 15 days at 28 °C degrees. After a 20 day maceration period the wine was bled and kept in the tank for two more weeks before taking it to new French oak barrels each having 220 liters holding capacity. At the end of the spring, with the coming of good weather and favored by rising temperatures malolactic fermentation begun inside the barrel, lasting from the beginning to the end of June of 2011. Still the wine remained in the barrel to meet the requisite 14 months of repose during which the wine is left undisturbed in the cellar without a single racking. Afterwards it is bottled and another period of long repose begins that will last for two more years.

Rich color. Elegant, red fruit, cherry and currants, pure Mencía fragrance. Later the mineral component appears as earth and stone. Structured in the mouth, balanced and fresh, ends after a long palate. A clean, straightforward and deep wine.

Serve with lamb and kid roasts, beef and game stews cooked in wine, grilled meats are some examples of the many other food preparations that are ideal to be paired with Pittacum Aurea, such as, and why not, fish cooked in their own juices, avoid very hot spicy flavors.

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