Pinot Noir "Village", Kumeu River 75cl

Pinot Noir "Village", Kumeu River 75cl

Nimi: Pinot Noir "Village", Kumeu River 75cl

Riik/regioon: Uus-Meremaa, Auckland

Tootja: Kumeu River Estate

Aastakäik: 2016

Mari: 100% Pinot Noir

Alkoholisisaldus: 13,5% vol.

Tootekood: 1223

Hind: 20.70


The Village wines represent a level of well crafted wines at a modest price range that benefit from the care and attention shown to the Kumeu River Estate and and Single Vineyard wines. These wines are made from sustainably grown grapes that are hand harvested, fermented using only wild yeast with extended maturation on yeast lees and bottled in Kumeu River Estate cellars. 

The Brajkovich family established new plantings of Pinot Noir on the Kumeu Estate in 1994 with the aim of producing red wine to rival the quality of the Kumeu River Chardonnay's. To this end only the best new planting material available from Burgundy was chosen and grafted onto extremely low-vigour rootstocks to limit the yield and intensify the flavour of this wonderfully aristocratic grape variety.

Kumeu Village Pinot Noir is the second label to the Kumeu River Estate label and as such displays many of the distinctive Kumeu River complexities and characteristics, but are more suitable for current consumption. The wine has a lovely bright colour and the aromas also show a brightness of red fruits. he palate is very pretty and crisp with a refreshing dry finish. This wine is delicious to drink now and over the next 2-3 years.

Jancis Robinson 15,5 p