Chateau d'Yquem, Sauternes Premier Cru Superieur AC 37,5cl

Chateau d'Yquem, Sauternes Premier Cru Superieur AC 37,5cl

Nimi: Chateau d'Yquem, Sauternes Premier Cru Superieur AC 37,5cl

Riik/regioon: Prantsusmaa, Bordeaux

Tootja: Chateau d'Yquem

Aastakäik: 2018

Mari: 85% Semillon, 15% Sauvignon Blanc

Alkoholisisaldus: 13,5% vol.

Tootekood: 681

Hind: 198.00

Hinnaklass: €€€

1593. aastal ostis selle legendaarse veinimõisa Sauvage perekond ja selle omandus läks üle Lur Saluces perekonnale kui Francois Josephine de Sauvage abiellus 1785. aastal krahv Louis Amédée de Lur Saluces'ga. Markii Bertrand de Lur Saluces oli aga üks 20. sajandi tähtsamaid isiksusi kogu veinimaailmas. Krahv Alexandre de Lur Saluces on oma onu Bertrand'i jalajälgedes sammunud 1968. aastast alates. Tema eesmärk on viia oma vein perfektsuseni, samas austades traditsiooni. 1993. aastal tähistati Chateau Yquem'is 400 aasta möödumist Lur Saluces perekonna omanduses olemisest. 1999. aastal omandas suure osa veinimõisa aktsiatest LVMH grupp. Chateau Yquem kui vein on tegelikult aga kõigi mõisas töötavate inimeste ennastohverdav tulemus, kuigi ilma Botryitis Cinerea väärishallituseta ei oleks Yquemi olemas.

Chateau Yquem on vaieldamatult kõige kallim, samuti ka kõige parem Sauternes vein. Tema kõrge hind on võimaldanud Alexandre de Lur Saluces'l säilitada veini eripäraseid standardeid. Tema 150 liikmeline saagikoristajate meeskond koristab viinamarjaaiad üle 4 - 6 korda olenevalt saagikusest. Korjatakse vaid Botrytis väärishallitusega nakatunud viinamarjad. 100 ha suurune kasvandus on perfektselt kuivendatud, see on jagatud nelja ossa, mis võimaldab anda veinidele erinevat karakterit, võimaldades segada parimaid koguseid, veinid, mis nõetele ei vasta, jäetakse kõrvale. Yquem on lühidalt öeldes käsitsi valmistatud vein ja ta kinnitab ütlust, et "suur" Sauternes on tehtud pigem kasvanduses kui keldris.

Vein valmistatakse 85% Semillon ja 15% Sauvignon Blanc viinamarjadest. Pärast käärimisprotsessi lõppu, mis leiab aset uutes tammevaatides ja võib kesta 2st kuni 6 nädalani, algab ülipikk laagerdumisperiood tammevaatides, mis kestab sõltuvalt aastast 2-3 aastat. Veini iseloomustamiseks peab kasutama vaid ülivõrdeid. Märksõnadeks on integreeritud tamm, rikkalikkus, peen happesus, elegantsus ja lõputu maitse. Ülikõrge vananemispotentsiaaliga.

"The 2018 d'Yquem is all lime cordial, grapefruit oil and mandarin peel to begin. With a little coaxing, the fireworks really begin, letting off a whole array of honeysuckle, candied ginger, dried pineapple, lemon pastilles, chalk dust and sea spray scents, followed by a savory undercurrent of shaved almonds, allspice and baking bread. The palate is an exercise in polish and poise, featuring the most gorgeously creamy texture and bright, sparkling freshness, framing all the densely laden tropical and citrus fruit layers, finishing with a powerful BANG of profound floral and spice perfume. It is wonderfully sweet, yes, but that—paradoxically for a "sweet wine"—is almost beside the point." Wine Advocate 98 points

"An extremely polished and refined d’Yquem with lightly cooked peaches and mangos and an overlay of vanilla and cream with some lemon meringue. Orange peel, too. What is striking is the texture, which is creamy and so fine. The tannins give the wine energy and beauty. The finish is extremely long and impressive. So clean and refined. Not heavy at all, but vivid and clean as crystal. Goes on for minutes. Elegance with stature is a good description. Drinkable now, but better in 2023 and onwards." James Suckling 97 points

"As ever with Yquem, patience was the key, taking in the grapes slowly but surely over 17 days harvest that extended well into October. The results in the glass are intense and glossy, full of satin-textured apricot and white peach flavours. There are exotic fruits of pineapple and mango but winemaker Sandrine Garbay has kept a focus on fresher flavours of lime zest and citrus that balance out the natural richness and concentration. Pretty closed right now, but there is power and balance here, an excellent Yquem." Decanter 97 points

"The second bottle was served in the evening at a lower temperature after a two hour decant in a smaller Zalto Sauternes glass. Now, this showed differently. The aromatics here felt more focused and energetic for a start - more drive. The palate revealed greater complexity thanks to decanting and certainly more tension, crucial to counterbalance that residual sugar. Overall, I do not believe that the 2018 Yquem belongs in the pantheon of great vintages of Yquem since it lacks requisite nuance, depth and complexity. It is a pretty and charming Yquem, maybe a sensitive one that needs to be served correctly, lest its shortcomings deriving from the growing season, not any winemaking decision, show through. 2024 - 2050." Neal Martin 93 points

"The just-released 2018 Château d'Yquem is a pretty, gracious wine. In 2018 d'Yquem is decidedly airy and ethereal in feel. Light apricot, passion fruit, spice, tangerine oil, orange peel, jasmine and pear accents are layered throughout. Residual sugar is 145 grams per liter, which is not especially evident. I tasted the 2018 over the course of several days and saw how well it responded to aeration. Yquem has a track record for aging brilliantly, but given its mid-weight structure, I would prefer to enjoy the 2018 young, while the flavors remain fresh. It’s a fine effort in a difficult year. Pierre Lurton describes 2018 as a challenging harvest marked by hail in July, higher than average temperatures and lower than average rainfall in the summer. Yields are down by 40%. Botrytis arrived only at the very end of the season. Harvest started on October 17th and wrapped up on the 27th, a narrow window of just ten days, much more compact than the norm here. The 2018 is 85% Sémillon and 15% Sauvignon Blanc aged 20-22 months in 100% new French oak. 2022 - 2042" Antonio Galloni 92 points