Fleur de Miraval, Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Exclusivement Rosé 75cl

Fleur de Miraval, Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Exclusivement Rosé 75cl

Nimi: Fleur de Miraval, Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Exclusivement Rosé 75cl

Riik/regioon: Prantsusmaa, Champagne

Tootja: Chateau Miraval - Jolie-Pitt & Perrin

Aastakäik: NV

Mari: 75% Chardonnay, 25% Pinot Noir

Alkoholisisaldus: 12,5% vol.

Tootekood: 145

Hind: 340.00

Hinnaklass: €€€

Champagne Fleur de Miraval on Champagne Pierre Péters'i ja Château Miraval'i uus ühisprojekt. Château Miraval on Brad Pitti, Angelina Jolie ning Perrini perekonna (Château de Beaucastel) ühisettevõte. Perrin'ide pere, kuuendat põlvkonda Rhône oru tipptootjad, vastutavad Miravalis kogu töö eest veiniaias, keldris ning globaalse distributsiooni eest. Champagne Pierre Péters on samuti kuuenda põlvkonna šampanjatootja, täna juhib maja Rodolphe Peters, pere on Le Mesnil-sur-Oger'is ainult oma aedadest šampanjat valmistanud juba 1919. aastast alates. Peters'i perele kuulub 19 hektarit veiniaedu, millest 16 hektarit on grand cru aiad. Rodolphe Pétersit peetakse üheks šampanjamaailma parimaks Blanc de Blancs eksperdiks. Rodolphe Péters ja Perrin'id on pikka aega sõbrad olnud ning siit sündiski idee kasutada mõlema osapoole teadmisi uue ühise projekti loomiseks.

"With Miraval, we strove for the highest quality possible for a Rosé. Then, with Muse de Miraval, we took the concept a stage further using the same care and attention that would be required for a Grand Cru designed for cellaring. Brad Pitt, who has always been incredibly involved and has shown himself to be a total perfectionist in everything he undertakes, had been talking about the idea of making an exceptional Rosé Champagne since the very beginning of our collaboration. We have been working on this project for five years now." Marc Perrin

“This project is, first and foremost, an artistic venture, because producing fine wines is a form of artistic creation. We have known Rodolphe Péters for many, many years and, like him, we are passionate about the great wines of the world. Yet, each time we’ve met to taste fine, vintage Rosé Champagnes, we’ve come to the same conclusion: We love the aromas that these great Champagnes develop with age, especially when they lean towards Chardonnay, but we often also find heavy and sometimes ponderous aromatic notes from the red wine which create an overall conflict with the harmony and nobility. This is why we wanted to create a different kind of Rosé Champagne, one made by blending mature Chardonnay grapes with young Pinot Noir grapes. Something a little different and something a little better....” Marc Perrin

"We very quickly agreed that we wanted to make just Rosé, but it had to be a Rosé that represented who we are - an exceptional Rosé that had never been produced before. For our Rosé, we wanted to use the saignée method, a technique the Perrins use for their still wines, and one that I have also perfected for one of my Champagnes. As a result, I have brought to the project my experience not only of the saignée method but also my knowledge and understanding of the fundamental process of blending, yet, at the same time, never overlooking the key point that the structure of this Champagne must capture all that is best in the great Blanc de Blancs." Rodoplhe Péters

"We wanted to focus on the complexity of fully ripe Chardonnay, of brioche and butter, while at the same time giving the Champagne a lift it by combining it with a young Pinot Noir. There was no question of choosing a Pinot Noir that was too opulent or vinous. It needed to add tension, vivacity and freshness, as well as color. That’s why we chose our Pinot Noir from the village of Vertus, also located in the Côte des Blancs.” Rodolphe Péters

Champagne Fleur de Miraval on valmistatud 75% Chardonnay ja 25% Pinot Noir viinamarjadest, need saadakse eksklusiivselt Rodolphe Pétersi veiniaedadest. Chardonnay tuleb erinevatest Côte des Blancs'is asuvatest Grand Cru aedadest (Cramant, Mesnil jne) ja Pinot Noir tuleb Vertus'e külast, mis asub samuti Côte des Blancs'is. Esimese Fleur de Miraval'i baas-aastakäiguks on 2016, lisaks kasutatakse ka mitmeid "reserve" veine, Rodolphe Péters on tuntud oma "solera" meetodi rakendamise poolest, seega antud väljaande puhul pärineb vanim Chardonnay 2007. aastakäigust. Fleur de Miraval on valmistatud "rosé de saignée" meetodil, sama meetodit rakendatakse osaliselt ka rosé veinide valmistamiseks Miravalis. Fleur de Miraval küpseb Le Mesnil-sur-Oger's asuvates veinikeldrites pudelis settega kontaktis minimaalselt 36 kuud, dosage on 4.5 grammi liitri kohta. Valmistatud 19600 pudelit. Pudelid on kaetud spetsiaalise musta lakiga, et kaitsta veini UV-kiirguse eest.

Veinil on sädelev õrn-roosakas värvus. Aroom on delikaatne, samas väga elav ja aromaatne, eristuvad värskusest pakatavad magusad puuviljad, punane sõstar, vaarikas. Suursugune Chardonnay väljendab ennast mineraalsusega, lisaks aimatav soolasus ja joodi nüanss, mis väljendavad kriidise terroir omapära.

"An extraordinary achievement this, made by the famously difficult saignée method, yet with a wonderful onion skin colour and poised aromas of lemongrass, small red berried fruit and pink grapefruit. Rodolphe Péters from the eponymous Champagne house in Le Mesnil sur Oger demonstrates why he is seen as one of the very finest winemakers in Champagne, coaxing wonderful complexity from his reserve wines (aged in a solera) and ensuring definition and purity from the base wines, the purity and elegance of the 25% Pinot Noir component quite breathtaking. Despite the relatively modest time on lees (three years), there is definite pedigree here, and, given the aspiration to forge a new style of rosé, a triumphant aura of complexity and latent potential. Rodolphe already has a reputation for making some of the finest Chardonnay-based Champagnes; now the inspired partnership with the Perrins of Beaucastel, who, it has to be admitted, know a thing or two about red wine, has yielded a hugely impressive debut for the Fleur de Miraval. Behind these two winemaking giants there is the owner, a certain Brad Pitt, who has achieved a degree of success elsewhere (!) but who has been surprisingly hands-on with this project, as of course he is at sister company Miraval in Provence. Not a bad team, all in all. What’s more, this wine is appreciably different to the other prestige rosé Champagnes on the market, without in any way losing out in terms of profundity, or, at a more basic level, the power to give pleasure. The very high expectations have been matched... and then some! Drinking Window 2020 - 2030." Decanter 94 points