Riedeli SOMMELIERS sarja klaasid

Riedeli SOMMELIERS sarja klaasid

Nimi: Riedeli SOMMELIERS sarja klaasid

Tootja: Riedel

Tootekood: -

Working with the Italian Sommelier association A.I.S. Claus Riedel unveiled the world's first gourmet glass series in Orvieto in 1973. Sommeliers now represents the benchmark among wine glasses and is the most successful hand-made glass series in the world. Every glass is an individual piece, with the upper part blown into shape and the stem and base shaped by hand using methods. Sommeliers is executed in crystal, mouth blown in Austria.

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Iga nimetuse peale vajutades saab tootja kodulehel iga tootega lähemalt tutvuda. Kõik Sommeliers sarja klaasid on pakitud individuaalsetesse tuubidesse.

Sommeliers Bordeaux Grand Cru 4400/00

Sommeliers Burgundy Grand Cru 4400/16

Sommeliers Hermitage (Syrah) 440030

Sommeliers Chianti / Riesling Grand Cru 4400/15

Sommeliers Loire 4400/33

Sommeliers Chablis / Chardonnay 4400/0

Sommeliers Montrachet (Oaked Chardonnay) 4400/07

Sommeliers Rosé 4400/04

Sommeliers Sauternes 4400/55

Sommeliers Sparkling Wine / Sekt 4400/88

Sommeliers Vintage Champagne 4400/28

Sommeliers Martini 4400/17

Sommeliers Vintage Port 4400/60

Sommeliers Grappa / Spirits 4400/03

Sommeliers Cognac XO 4400/70

Sommeliers Single Malt Whisky 4400/80

Sommeliers Water 4400/20

Sommeliers Blind Tasting Glass 8400/15