Riedel VINUM

Riedel VINUM

Nimi: Riedel VINUM

Tootja: Riedel

Tootekood: -

Vinum (created in 1986) became the first machine-made glass series in history to be shaped by different grape varietals and their characters. This series fundamentally changed global drinking glass culture. Functional, high-quality, reasonably priced and manufactured in large batches, it has convinced consumers and restauranteurs worldwide that enjoyment of wine begins with the right glass.

The Vinum collection, which was developed by Georg Riedel according to the principle "content determines the form" was not developed on a drawing board, but in tasting workshops based on the performance. Vinum is executed in crystal, machine blown in Bavaria, Germany.

Toote nimetuse peale klikates saab tootja kodulehel tootega lähemalt tutvuda. Vinum on pakitud ning müüakse 2 klaasi kaupa (välja arvatud Value Packid).

Vinum Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot (Bordeaux) 6416/0 2-Pack | Hind 50 €

Vinum Pinot Noir (Burgundy) 6416/07 2-Pack | Hind 50 €

Vinum Sauvignon Blanc / Dessertwine 6416/33 2-Pack | Hind 50 €

Vinum Champagne Wine Glass 6416/58 2-Pack | Hind 50 €

Vinum Bar Cognac 6416/71 2-Pack | Hind 50 €

Vinum Bar Port 6416/60 2-Pack | Hind 50 €

Vinum Bar Single Malt Whisky 6416/80 2-Pack | Hind 50 €

Vinum Water 6416/02 2-Pack | Hind 50 €