Nimi: Riedel VELOCE

Tootja: Riedel

Tootekood: -

Based on the world's infatuation with ultra fine glassware, Riedel is thrilled to introduce the new collection Veloce series, a collection absolutely unmatched in style and technique. Veloce is an impressive collection that merges state-of-the-art technology with high functionality. 

Produced by a specially developed machine at RIEDEL's Weiden factory in Germany, this cutting-edge technology creates glassware equal to those crafted by a master glassmaker. 
Each glass also includes its primary grape varietal printed on the base.

Toote nimetuse peale klikates saab tootja kodulehel tootega lähemalt tutvuda. Veloce sarja klaasid on pakitud ning müüakse 2 klaasi kaupa.

Veloce Cabernet / Merlot 6330/0 2-Pack | Hind 55 €

Veloce Pinot Noir / Nebbiolo 6330/07 2-Pack | Hind 55 €

Veloce Syrah / Shiraz 6330/41 2-Pack | Hind 55 €

Veloce Chardonnay 6330/97 2-Pack | Hind 55 €

Veloce Riesling 6330/15 2-Pack | Hind 55 €

Veloce Champagne 6330/28 2-Pack | Hind 55 €